Welcome To Women’s Hair-Loss Initiative

What is the Women’s Hair Loss Initiative?

My vision for the Women’s Hair Loss Initiative is to create a central resource for people suffering with hair loss. It is a forum for me to communicate my views and my very intimate experiences living with hair loss and wearing hair– in the hopes of improving the lives of others who live with hair loss too. It is a place for healing, for sharing and for learning.

It is also a place where women with hair loss can heal themselves by helping others through the non-profit organization If I Only Had my Hair, Inc. – an organization set out to donate hair pieces and wigs to financially disadvantaged women and children who suffer with medical hair loss.

As a social worker and living with Alopecia myself, I aim to increase awareness surrounding women’s hair loss, to offer women hope, coping skills and open a dialogue for them. I strongly believe in the power of mutual aid and empowerment and want to offer a forum for anyone interested.

I will cover the gamut of hair loss and seek answers and information to bring to all of you. I have a lot of resources, firsthand knowledge and experience. My philosophy surrounding hair loss in women is this: as important as it is to conduct research and find successful treatments and a cure–the psychological implications for women living with hair loss need to be addressed immediately, comprehensively and openly. There are coping skills which can work for many of us and I want to explore them, share them, offer them and practice them together.….

The possibilities for programs and for outreach to the millions of women who suffer with hair loss are both endless and overwhelming! So, I am starting one step at a time with the Women’s Hair Loss Initiative. At the same time I will be working on a newly formed foundation, www.IfIOnlyHadMyHair.org.- raising money for and finding recipients whose lives will greatly improve by receiving a hairpiece or wig.

Please, if you have any questions, thoughts, advice, or just want to hang around the site please do. I hope you like it. I hope in some way it helps to improve your life, to instill hope and I hope you feel my compassion and honesty.

One very important thing I learned is at one point or another we all fall into a little trap which I call “Chasing the Cure.” Looking for a treatment, an answer, a new doctor or cure, turning to any charlatan or subscribing to quackery, to remedy our hair loss. This can be addictive, disappointing and avoidant.

As I said before conducting research, finding successful treatments and even discovering a cure is important. However, I’d like to leave that up to the experts, the medical researchers, the organizations and associations like AAD and NAAF. I want to deal with the here and now!

Let me pose this one question to all of you who are LIVING with HAIR LOSS— Are you really LIVING??? Are you enjoying the present or is your hair loss taking over?

I want you to really be able to live with your hair loss, to be able to engage in normal activities, to be a survivor, or to at least be okay with it most of the time. I don’t want you to be a VICTIM of hair loss (as much as I refuse to be one). There is HOPE and POSSIBILITY and if I can show you just a glimmer through my experience and my work—or through anyone else’s experience who posts on the site—that my friends is my mission and goal for the Women’s Hair Loss Initiative….Won’t you join me down this healing path…

With love and kindness,

Alopecia Survivor
Social Worker