Books and News


There are a number of books that can be helpful resources for those of us struggling to cope emotionally and in need of support.  Some are books based in personal experience, while others are more medically rooted.  Like everything else in life, the more informed you are about your condition, the more empowered you can feel.  Not knowing can feel very lonely.

Listed below are some of our favorites.  Please tells us about any recommendations or stories you have read that have moved you so we can share it here with everyone.

Breaking The Silence on Women’s Hair Loss, by Candace Hoffman:

Coping With Alopecia, by Nigel Hunt & Sue McHale:

Alopecia Areata: Understanding and Coping with Hair Loss, by Wendy Thompson and Jerry Shapiro:

Alopecia in News and Pop Culture:

Because Alopecia remains a mystery for doctors and is too often not taken seriously enough, unfortunately alopecia does not get  written about often or appear in pop culture.  Until recently, thanks to a few people in the public eye, have brought hair loss, wigs and coping with alopecia into the media:

Tyra Banks Show with Brittany Angerhauser and Peggy Knight:!

Wendy Williams

Angela Christiano on Larry King Live

MTV True Life- search, alopecia

Robin Roberts, News Anchor and Cancer Survior:

Olivia Rusk, motivation speaker, author, teenage, check out her appearance on the Today Show


Grey Gardens made for HBO Movie, based on cousin of Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Alopecia , an underlying theme here. Socialite,turns recluse. Her hair begins falling out and she is always wearing a scarf on her head to cover it up.

Happy, Thank you, More Please

In the ensemble comedy happythankyoumoreplease, actress Malin Akerman plays Annie, a woman in her 20′s who has had an unhealthy pattern of dating the wrong men. Because of an auto-immune disorder called alopecia universalis, which has resulted in her being entirely hairless, Annie has an amazing spirit and has learned to face life with full force.