Products and Services

Products: Warning: There is so much crap on the market, you can go bankrupt if you subscribe to all the quackery.  However there are a few products that we have personally tried ourselves that is even worth writing about.  We also want to hear from you!


Nioxin Gel:  One of the better products to make fine hair feel/look a little thicker and filled in. Gels  are preferable to hair spray that leave the hair sticky/hard to manage leading to breakage  and split ends.

Toppik: Great for those with light thinning to camouflage  the diffused areas.

For Wigs:

L’Oreal Elnett de Luxe: It will hold the style of the hair piece, but will not hinder movement so it will look real.

Services: Permanent make-up, Tattooing, Eyebrow Tattooing. I am often asked by doctors who they can recommend for this service.

Here is the link to the most amazing brows I have seen to date.

Astrid comes to New York every 6 weeks, over a weekend. She recently did one of the support group members who is also a personal friend of mine.  I went with her to a touch up session and witnessed her work first-hand.  This is the only tattooing I would personally recommend.  This is not an inexpensive service but Astrid is on par with all of the other hi-end permanent make-up specialists. Her website is impressive and her work speaks for itself. She happens to be lovely.

Also, here is her Cell: 301-938-0952.